In making his journey, Mr. Giraldo will encounter multiple expenses that range from equipment purchases, airfare to Bar Harbor, ME, food, occasional motel lodging, wireless Internet connectivity, and many others. 

Your contribution in helping Mr. Giraldo cycle across America will allow countless students from our country and the world to participate in sharing the experience of his journey. To effectively report and broadcast his story, Mr. Giraldo intends to make efficient use of Internet technologies and multimedia. By using wireless Internet connectivity, a web-cam, video, photography, an active website, his blog, Internet telephony, and GPS tracking and mapping applications, Mr. Giraldo will be able to establish and maintain while on route, a real-time connection with the young minds he seeks to inspire.

Ideas, by our hand, become realities. Mr. Giraldo is wholeheartedly committed to his venture. He thanks you for your support in helping him deliver his lesson of commitment to the students that will be watching and learning. 

There are multiple ways by which you may help. 

1. Become a corporate sponsor. Benefit from online video commercials. Have your company logo on display in this site and on a flag on Manifest Destiny, Mr. Giraldo's trike. Be visible in both the real and virtual worlds, as Mr. Giraldo cycles south across 15 states, from Maine to Florida. 

Multiple levels of sponsorship available. Ask to be mailed a package.

2. You can sponsor him with a donation.

3. You can sponsor a Green Mile.

4. You can contact him if you wish to share a particular idea that may assist him in his journey. 

5. Involve yourself with this project, spread the story, and help enhance its possibilities. Many valuables are destined to come out of it.



Contact Mr. Giraldo

Thank you for your interest, time, and support.

Meet the 2009 Organizers, Volunteers, and Sponsors







Tel: 954-696-6214 





















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